About Pinlon Hospital

Pinlon Hospital is a 220-bed private multi-speciality hospital that has been serving the residents of Yangon since 2007. Pinlon Hospital offers round-the-clock emergency care and a vast range of medical specialties that include oncology (cancer care), nuclear medicine, hepatology (liver care) and gastroentrology, advanced cardiac surgeries and kidney transplantation.


Pinlon Cancer Centre

The first-ever all-private cancer centre in Yangon and the only cancer centre in Yangon that has strategically collaborated with two internationally recognized cancer centres – AARO (Singapore) and UPMC (US). The Pinlon Cancer Team has pioneered advanced radiotherapy techniques such as 3D conformal radiation therapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) in Myanmar.


Pinlon Liver Centre

Pinlon Gl & Liver Centre is headed by Professor Khin Maung Win, one of Myanmar’s top hepatologists and academics and Asian-American Medical Group Executive Chairman Dr Tan Kai Chah, renowned hepatobiliary expert and liver transplant surgeon. The centre offers consultation, treatment, endoscopies and certain surgical procedures for local and international patients.

Pinlon Heart Centre.png

Pinlon Heart Centre

Headed by Pinlon’s very own cardiovascular surgeon, Prof. Tin Maung Aye and anesthetist, Prof. Soe Win, Pinlon Heart Centre has the expertise to perform a range of open-heart surgeries such as CABG, Mitral Valve Replacement and AVF. The critical care unit in Pinlon Heart Centre serves as the site for post-op care, featuring state-of-the-art equipment and the dedicated cardiac team which consists of highly qualified surgeons, physicians and nurses.